Get radical with your feedback


Radical is for employees, managers and teams who are frustrated with tools to give, receive and process feedback. 

Create a profile and 10X your feedback rituals. In 3 simple steps.



So why ask for it only once a year? 

So why wait for your manager to give it to you? 

So why read through a long story to get the message? 

So why do you want positive feedback to be private? 

So why do managers and employees have opposite views after 6 months?


Radical is great for 1:1s 

For employees, Radical 

  • Allows you to collect feedback monthly/quarterly using text, videos and memes  

  • Allows you to introspect on the feedback

  • Allows you to publish your Self Feedback in 1-click 

For managers, Radical 

  • Allows you to give feedback anytime, without waiting for the next meeting 

  • Allows you to have an async back-forth conversation to explain 

  • Allows you to create customized development plans for all your employees 


But Google Sheets works fine for me

Does it? Or are you just saying it so that you don't have to change? 

65% of employees we surveyed reported that they are unhappy about the way their manager gave them feedback. 


48% of employees who got a good feedback were surprised to find out why.

Employees trust their careers with their managers and the manager doesn't bother to tell them how they are doing? That is shocking. 

You've heard the saying - employees don't quit a company. They quit a manager. Don't be that manager. 

Radical is used by teams in 


And many more companies. Join the bandwagon and work like the best!

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